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Dubai Visa For Philippines

Dubai Visa For Philippines

Dubai is one of Asia's most popular vacation spots! It provides stunning sights and exhilarating sensations unlike anything else in Asia's diverse nature. Unfortunately, Philippine passport holders must still apply for a visa before entering Dubai. Voyage Travel Tourism has put up a step-by-step guide on applying for a Dubai visa to make the process easier.

Philippine residents must acquire visas before trying to enter the United Arab Emirates. Visas are necessary for citizens of the Philippines who want to travel to the UAE. The UAE's Interior Ministry established an online visa application system earlier in the year. This approach allows individuals from all around the globe to apply for a visa online from anywhere in the world. You may process your travel paperwork with Voyage Travel Travel.

Determine the kind of UAE visa the Philippines require

There are different sorts of visas Voyage travel tourism will give you. In this visa tutorial, we'll go through the prerequisites for additional visas for Filipinos. However, for your convenience, below is a breakdown of each visa type:

Visit Visa - sponsored by family or friends who live in the UAE—offered for a period of 30 or 90 days.

Tourist Visa 

Tourists can stay in the UAE for 30 days sponsored by UAE airlines, hotels, or travel companies. For more information, you can visit our website.

Duration of transit visa

A transit visa appears to be valid for 48 or 96 hours. Please remember that 48-hour access cannot extend to 96 hours.

Transit visas for 48 hours 

Travelers transiting through the UAE's airfields receive free 48-hour transit visas. One must apply for a Visa beforehand through a UAE-based airline. It is a single-entry visa that cannot be prolonged or renewed. The visa process is for 48 hours from the moment of entry into the UAE, and you must escape within 48 hours after arriving.

You will need the following papers to acquire a transit visa:

  • A passport or travel document with the least rationality of three months
  • A self-portrait alongside a white backdrop, as well as a ticket reservation to a third destination different than the one from which you are departing.

For 96 hours Transit Visa

Eligible for 96 hours and 14 days from the date of issue if

(a) You get a travel document and a booked reservation to your third location, or

(b) You must depart the UAE within 96 hours of arriving or 14 days only after Visa is proceeding, or

(c) You have a booked hotel reservation inside the UAE.

Visas with Multiple Entry

Multiple Entry Visa for 30 Days

Thirty-day business travelers who are more devoted to work and cannot select whether to take a vacation or expect a business meeting in Dubai need a Multiple Entry visa. It is also common for cruise passengers to enter the UAE via a cruise line, from which they must also exit. They must have a multiple entry visa to return to the port.  lets you know more about it.

Multiple Entry Visa for 90 Days

It is unquestionably the most popular visa category among business travelers who visit Dubai regularly. Apply for a multiple entry visa if you have a strict timeline and need to travel regularly in a month or more to prevent the time loss associated with applying for a visa each time. This Visa permits you to enter and depart the country several times throughout the 90-day visa period.

VISA FOR MINORS - Whether Traveling Alone or With a Guardian

Children under the age of eighteen (18) traveling to the Philippines TRAVELING ALONE OR UNACCOMPANIED BY PARENTS (or to be accompanied during travel by an entity other than a family) or not intending to meet a parent in the Philippines must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Two (2) copies of a correctly completed visa application (FA Form 2); a parent may complete this form on behalf of a minor applicant.
  • The minor's passports (original passport required) must be present for at least 6 (6) months further than the expected stay in the Philippines.
  • Two photocopies of the appropriate page of the applicant's passport
  • Accompanied by a guardian; and
  • The youngster
  • Two (2) copies of passport-size pictures taken within the last six (6) months; digitized photographs are not acceptable.

Affidavit of Support and Travel Authorization

The Affidavit must be signed by either one or both parents, specifying the minor's traveling companion and residence in the Philippines, and should be notarized by a regional Notary Public and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a diplomatic official of the Philippine Embassy. This Affidavit must provide to immigration authorities at the Philippine point of entry. Upon such minor's presence in the Philippines, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration will grant a Waiver of Exclusion Grounds (WEG).

2 Year Freelance Visa

It is one of the most recent types of Long-Term Residence Visa. You may be your boss with a freelance visa. You are working for yourself or a single or several employers. Working on a tourist visa is unlawful; thus, obtaining a freelancing visa is essential if you work in the UAE. It is a two-year visa that can renew.

You will be able to create a bank account, work for any employer, and enter and leave the nation for an indefinite period. Apply for a visa to the Philippines from the UAE, making travel more accessible. If you want to know more, kindly visit our website .

There are several possibilities for UAE citizens and non-residents to pursue a freelancing career to live and work lawfully in the UAE. Many free zone choices include freelancer permission, which allows you to get a permanent visa and support your family.

The option selected will be determined by the activity/industry/sector, and all steps can do online. Costs might vary greatly, so do your homework before settling on a free zone that meets your specific requirements.

Prepare the necessary documentation for your Dubai visa guidance.

There aren't many prerequisites for obtaining a Dubai visa. Nevertheless, according to your sponsor, you may be requested to meet additional standards. If, for example, UAE Airways will sponsor your visa, you will be expected to provide your travel information together with the remainder of your application.

The following are the necessary conditions for obtaining a UAE (Dubai) Visa, as mentioned on:

  • A scanned copy of your Philippine passport's bio page (page 2) and the final page
  • The passport is valid for another six months from the scheduled trip date.
  • Ensure that your traveler's signature is included on the reverse.
  • Colored ID Photo Scanned
  • Passport-sized picture in color with a white backdrop
  • Please indicate the name on the back, then scan it as well.
  • Completing the application form
  • Your registration form may change depending on who your sponsorship is. However, before proceeding with the rest of your application, make sure you secure a sponsor.
  • However, for your convenience, here is a. Please keep in mind that your sponsor will need to complete some sections of the application form.
  • As previously stated, the format of the application forms may alter depending on the sponsor. For example, if you want to register with Jumeirah Hotels, their visa application may appear like this.

Prepare the necessary documentation for your UAE Tourist Visa

You may anticipate that your sponsor will request more information from you to manage your application. These were some of the probable necessities that you should have on hand:

  • Round-trip flight ticket:  Usually, airline sponsors request a booking using their airline.
  • Hotel reservation: Typically, hotel sponsors will request a reservation under their facility.
  • NSO Work Contract Certificate of Birth: Birth records will be required, mainly traveling with kids.
  • ITR Original Bank Certificate Copies (Income Tax Return)

Once you've sent all of your paperwork, they'll handle the remainder of the procedure. That being said, before submitting your requests, do your bit by researching any papers that you may require and including them as well. You can contact us through our website .

Travelers with immediate Family Members in Dubai need to provide Affidavit of Support! 

Travelers who have immediate Family Members in UAE such as siblings, Father, Mother must declare the immediate family members in Philippines immigration and must obtain a letter from the family members to support their traveling to UAE. 

The family member in UAE must provide the attested Affidavit of Support from the Philippines Embassy/consulate in UAE where the salary and Labour contract proof is provided to the consulate. The family member must agree and guarantee the accommodation and financial support of the traveler visiting the UAE.  
Currently, the Minimum salary to obtain an affidavit of support is AED 4000

Immigration Check List Documents for No Relatives in the Philippines are:

1.    Passenger Original Passport
2.    Passenger Printed Valid UAE Tourist Visa
3.    Passenger Travel Insurance with Covid-19 Coverage
4.    Passenger 2-Way Ticket
5.    Passenger Printed PCR Test Result 48hours Valid before Flight 
6.    Passenger Hotel Booking 
7.    Tour Package
8.    Passenger Show Money 2000 AED or 544 USD
9.    Passenger Bank Statement (if available)
10.  Passenger Approved leave from work or Memorandum to Travel Abroad (if with work in PH)
11.  Passenger Certificate of Employment (if with work in PH)
12.  Passenger Company ID (if with work in PH)
13.   Invitation Letter

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