• 22 June 2023
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Guide to Apply USA Visa from Dubai

The USA offers some exceptional things to its visitors. Usually, people think reaching the USA is really a tough task. But do you know how much easy this is?  It’s quite easy to apply for a tourist or visit visa from Dubai. However, I know you are thinking about where you can apply.   You can apply through voyage plan travel to get an express visa service.

A USA visa from Dubai would be an ideal visa for you. But why? Because you can also explore certain countries with a USA visa. Thus, it’s not only a visa but an opportunity to explore the USA and further nationalities.  

The UAE residents require a valid visa to enter the US. You need to show off your visa at the US port of entry. Furthermore, no matter whether you are traveling for immigrant or non-immigrant purposes.

How to apply for an express USA visa from Dubai?

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  • Fill out the application form
  • Provide the essential documents
  • Pay the visa fee
  • Just wait to process your visa
  • You will be contacted by email or the contact number that you have provided.

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How to apply for a DS-160 non-immigration visa

The USA DS-160 non-immigration visa application form is a temporary entry permit to travel to the United States.

  • Firstly, Form DS-160 is submitted electronically to the Department of State website with the comfort of the Internet.
  • Then, information will be added to the DS-160 by the consular officer to process the visa application.
  • After this, a personal interview will be taken.
  • Finally, the applicant’s eligibility will be determined for the visa.

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What are the required documents for a USA visa from Dubai?

  • Passport (with six months validity)
  • UAE visa copy
  • Emirate ID
  • The applicant must possess AED 40,000 in the bank. Moreover, an original bank statement for the previous six months.
  • NOC from the company (consisting of all the information that relates to you)
  • Passport size photos (photos should be on white background)
  • Hotel reservation
  • Return tickets
Other documents for Self Employed or under the sponsorship
  • For self-employed, a trade license copy
  • Sponsor’s passport and visa copy
  • Sponsor’s bank statement
  • Sponsorship letter

What is the eligibility criterion to apply for a USA visa from Dubai?

  • For tourism purposes, it is essential to show your travel itinerary.
  • If you are going to visit your family or friends then please show an invitation letter
  • For medical purposes, submit essential medical reports and documents according to your disease.
For business purposes, one must show the following documents
  • Business invitations
  • Foreigner proof
  • Provide a reason to depart the country to the immigration officer
  • Make sure you don’t have any paid performances
  • Provide the proof of funds
  • One must possess residence in their home country

Types of USA visas from Dubai

There are main two types of USA visas from Dubai

USA nonimmigrant visas

USA nonimmigrant visas are also known as USA visit visas. However, this kind of visa is also classified into two subcategorize:

USA business visa
USA tourist visa

If a Dubai citizen wishes to establish their business in the USA then they can apply for this visa. on the other hand, the tourist visa can only be used for travel purposes. This visa is an entry permit to stay and live in the USA for a particular time period.

Immigrant visa

This kind of visa is for those who wish to live permanently in the USA. Furthermore, it is classified into family ties, employment, adoption, special immigrant categories, and diversity visa. Thus, one can apply according to their requirements.


The USA is a country that is rapidly growing across the world. However, they have an honorable visa and everyone wishes to get it. The main benefit of a USA visa from Dubai is you can explore some other countries until you possess a valid USA visa. furthermore, there are different types of USA visas including immigrant and nonimmigrant. The nonimmigrant USA visa is called a USA visit visa. Thus, one can apply for this visa to explore the USA. Additionally, it is important to gather all the required documents before applying. Consequently, you will get your USA visa from Dubai in less time.


Can UAE nationals explore the USA without a visa?

No, if you want to go to the USA must apply for a visa. Basically, a visa is an entry permit that can be valid for a specific duration. However, the USA visa has several benefits to you.

How can I obtain a USA visa from Dubai?

Firstly, gather your documents and open your internet browser. Then, search for a USA visa from Dubai. Thus, you will get several sites. But I will recommend you apply through voyage plan travel as it is an honorable and trusted travel agency. Thus, you can get an instant USA visa with less documentation.

Is a bank balance required to get a US work visa?

Yes, one must contain $10,000 to obtain a work visa in the USA.

Is a job offer essential to get a work visa in the USA?

Yes, the job offer is a key document to get and approve a USA visa from Dubai. However, if you want to explore the country then you can choose nonimmigrant visas.

Is an IETS certificate required for USA visas?

No, there are no IETS requirements to get a USA visa from Dubai.

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