• 22 June 2023
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Guide to Apply for UK Visa from Dubai

Dubai residents can apply for a UK visa. What is the procedure for UK visa applications for Dubai residents? In this blog, you will get sufficient knowledge about UK visas from Dubai. However, the UK is one of the fastly growing countries in the world. Furthermore, it is also known as a marvelous destination because of its advanced facilities and charming culture.

For now, Gulf visitors have entry requirements parallel to US and Australian citizens. Furthermore, this program will be implemented in Qatari nations in October 2023 and in Jordon in February 2024. However, UAE residents are not eligible for visa-on-arrival service. Thus they require a valid visa to explore the UK.

If you are planning to go to the UK from Dubai then apply through a reputable and trusted travel agency. However, if you want to get express visa services then you can apply through voyage plan travel (a reputable travel agency).

How to apply for a UK visa from Dubai?

How to successfully apply for a UK visa from Dubai? Since UAE nationals require a visa to enter in the UK and thus they need to apply for a visa to travel to the UK. What are the steps to obtain a UK visa from Dubai?

Here are some steps that must be followed to obtain a UK visa from Dubai:

  • Go to our site
  • Fill out the application form
  • Submit the documents
  • Pay the visa fee
  • Wait, until your visa is processed
  • You will get your visa status through the contact that you have provided in the visa application form.

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What are the required documents for a UK visa from Dubai?

You need to note some Essential tips for applying for a UK Visa from Dubai.

  • Passport with six months validity
  • Recent photos of you against a white or blue background
  • Letter of Authorization NOC
  • Recent 6 months' bank statement to describe your financial health
  • A sufficient balance should be present in your bank account to afford the expenses in the UK
  • Invitation letter from the UK
  • Hotel voucher
  • Round-trip airline tickets

What are the types of UK visas from Dubai?

UK visa from Dubai has the following types:

UK transit visa

This is an entry permit to transit through international transit sections of UK airports. Furthermore, the UK transit visa has a validity of 24 hours to 48 hours.  However, this visa is categorized into two kinds as mentioned below

  • The Visitor in Transit visa
  • UK Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV)

UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visa: 

UK-based organizations or clients invite foreigners because of their exceptional expertise in a particular skill set. However, if you want to go to the UK for work to pay then must apply for this visa. Anyhow, the validity of a UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visa is up to one month.

UK study visa

If you want to study in the UK then this visa is for you. Both youngsters and adults can apply for this visa. Thus, the kids can get their school education in British schools and adults can get their higher education in British colleges and universities. With this visa, the students can also get in-depth knowledge in their research courses.

UK student child visa:

Those children or youngsters who are under 18 can apply for this visa. Furthermore, they can only apply if their ages are between 4 to 17 years. This can be extended and they can also do apart time job.

UK Short-term study visa:

If someone is willing to learn short courses from the UK then apply for this visa. The applicant must be 16 years old to apply for this visa. Usually, this visa is valid for 6 months but if someone is taking English courses then its validity will be 11 months.

UK General student visa: 

This is a long-term visa and enables you to complete your graduation or post-graduate studies in the UK. The applicant must be proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English. Furthermore, the candidate should be 16 years older to obtain this visa. the validity is 6 months and can be extended.

UK work visa: 

This is an entry permit to work in the UK. The candidate must possess 945 pounds in their bank accounts for up to 90 days prior to applying. However, the UK work visa is categorized into the following kinds

UK Short-term Work Visa: 

This is a short-term UK visa and enables you to work in the UK for a short period. Who needs UK Short-term Work Visa? The following examples are the best fit for this visa

  • Temporary workers
  • Seasonal Workers
  • Creative and Sports Workers
  • Religious Workers
  • International Agreement Workers
  • Charity Workers
  • Government Authorized Exchange Visas

UK long-term work visa: 

The UK long-term work visa enables you to work in the UK for a long duration. This is an ideal visa for foreign nationals who want to work in the UK and stable their financial positions.

UK business development visa

If you have a healthy investment and want to establish a business in the UK then this visa is for you. Furthermore, this visa includes Investor Visitor, Exceptional Talent, Innovator, and Start-up visas.

UK Standard Visitor Visa

This visa is for those who want to spend holidays or needs medical treatment. Furthermore, some people need this visa to attend cultural events. Furthermore, this is also known as a UK visit visa.

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UK Family Visa: 

If someone is working in the UK and earning a handsome income then they can apply for this visa. Make sure you are living and working in the UK for the previous 6 months. Usually, those people who want to live in the UK with their families need this kind of visa.

UK marriage visitor visa: 

This visa is for those who want to get married in the UK. However, after getting married they will not be allowed to stay permanently there.  The validity of this visa is also for six months.


Although UAE or other Gulf countries are not eligible for visas on arrival they can obtain an e-visa. For this purpose, one can choose the visa type and must meet the criteria. Thus, UK visa applications for Dubai residents can be easily processed. Consequently, you can make an unforgettable journey to the UK.

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