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Dubai Work Permits

Work Permits and Visas in Dubai

Dubai, mostly known as the "City of Gold," is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and a thriving business center. If your firm wants to expand internationally

Dubai is a great place to start because of its rising economy and relative simplicity of obtaining work permits for any foreign staff willing to relocate. Having an experienced global PEO on your side can assist ensure that the process of getting visas and permissions goes as smoothly as possible.

In Dubai, there are several different types of work visas.

Foreign nationals must first get a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates before applying for a work permit in Dubai. Foreigners can apply for a variety of keys and entry permits in the UAE, including:

  • Visas for entry permits
  • Visas for visits
  • Visas for tourists
  • Visas for students
  • Visas with several entries
  • Medical treatment visas

Foreign nationals looking and seeking to live and work in Dubai must first get an entry permit visa.

The Important Requirements for Obtaining a Work Visa in Dubai

Foreign nationals will need a residential visa and a work permit to work in Dubai. To get a residence visa, foreign nationals must provide the necessary documentation:

  • A filled-out application form
  • The original passport of the applicant, as well as a copy
  • Several passport photos A copy of a current company card A health certificate
  • The Ministry of Labor issues admission permission.
  • Payment of the application charges/fee must be documented.

On arrival in Dubai, applicants will also be subjected to a medical examination.

The following documents are necessary to obtain a Dubai work permit:

  • An employment contract with a Dubai-based firm
  • If applicable, copies of the applicant's birth certificate, passport, and marriage certificate.
  • A copy of a lease agreement, for example, is proof of lodging in Dubai.
  • Evidence of the applicant's financial ability to support oneself in Dubai.

Procedure for Submitting an Application

In Dubai, it is the employer's responsibility to get the relevant visas and permits for international workers. In addition, any visa fees must be covered by the employer. The steps are as follows:

  • The employer submits an application to the Ministry of Labor for permission to hire a foreign worker.
  • The Ministry gives an entry permit visa to the employee, allowing them to enter the UAE and stay for 30 days.
  • The employee plans a trip to Dubai. They have 60 days from when they arrive to get a resident visa.
  • When the employee arrives in Dubai, the employer starts filing for a work permit, also known as a labour card.
  • The employee goes to an Emirates ID service centre with their valid passport and entry visa to receive an ID.
  • For a medical assessment, the employee visits a government hospital.
  • The employee submits an application to the immigration authorities for a residence visa.
  • The employee submits all required paperwork to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD), where the residency visa is stamped on their passport.

The employee may begin working in Dubai after getting residency and work permissions.

Other Important Points to Consider

Your organization  should also be aware of employees' procedures to bring family members to Dubai. For example, employees' spouses, children, and even parents are allowed to move to Dubai if they also secure a resident visa.

Any family members that an employee with a residence visa wishes to bring to Dubai will also need to apply for visas. In addition, they'll need to show confirmation of their relationships, such as birth or marriage certificates and regular documentation.

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