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how to start a travel blog

How to Start a Travel Blog

Starting a travel blog can turn out to be a huge success. There are many travel bloggers but only some turn out to be a success. Whilst you may not be undertaking travel blogging like a business or as your full-time career, some methods are present which will aid your website in performing better and even attracting a bigger audience quicker. In this competitive industry that is travel blogging, you have to stand out so as to be a success.

The following gives you some tips on how to start your own travel blog so that it can actually be noticed:

Name of travel blog

It is important to figure out a name for the travel blog. You need to choose a site name which is not offensive. When you are concentrating on building passive income, the name of the site will not be very important. Inside a year of beginning the travel blog, most of the traffic will be coming from Google and not social media. Therefore the name of the site will not be important.

Usually people do not consider the name of the blog when searching for something related to traveling. If you are able to rank in Google, it is possible to make money from the traffic.

When figuring out the name, you should find some way to stand out. If you want your travel blog name to be recognized in this blogging world, you should think of an original name for it.

If you are finding it tough to figure out a name, you can register your own name like the name of the blog. Branding will be simpler like this also.

You must have a long-term view when thinking of a name. It should remain valid for years to come. Keep the name classy if you think you will need to give your business card to someone. It is also a good idea to make the URL as simple as you can to remember.

Hosting for the blog

Starting a travel blog in 2022 has become tough as there is much competition. Hosting is something that you may be confused about. It is a home for the travel blog. This is where it will live on the internet. Therefore if you want to let your website exist, you have to sign up with some host.

The host gives the physical servers for the website to live on, it maintains the software needed to keep the site online, as well as carries out regular maintenance to keep the sit up and also running smoothly. Find the best web hosting provider for your needs and budget.

Selecting the correct web host tends to be an important part of starting a travel blog. When searching for hosting providers, you can opt for paid or free hosting. Those who want to become serious travel bloggers and even make cash doing this, should select a good host. Free hosting will not let you customize the blog and run ads.  It is a good idea to invest in a website that has good hosting.

You can choose one like Bluehost for instance.


You will then need to install WordPress. When you have completed the Bluehost purchase, you will have to select a password for WordPress. You can choose a theme which will appeal the most to you. You can then start building the site. You should follow all the steps given if you want to know how to start a travel blog and make money.

Log into the site by typing in your username as well as password. It is important to follow all instructions given.

Selecting a theme

You should make the site look interesting and good so that people will actually want to consider it. The theme you choose will influence how you will personalize the site allowing it to look how you want it to. You can opt for the theme that best suits your personality or the look you want to give the site. You can for instance choose something elegant and professional. The WordPress blog will have different standard “themes” or specific designs for your site. You may want to consider getting a premium design if you want to make money with the site. You will have to pay for this.You can make a cool logo that is professional. It can allow the brand to stand out from the other travel blogs present online.

Install necessary plugins

When learning how to become a travel blogger, you need to keep in mind WordPress plugins for the website. These are like third-party apps which allow the blog to have additional features. Many plugins tend to be for fee whilst for others you need to pay.

Develop online persona

Start off by making an about page for the blog. This tends to be a highly trafficked page present on a travel blog as it lets people know who you are, your background, etc. Embrace social media if you want to create a profitable travel blog. You need to post often on social media. Sign up on all the popular platforms. The name of your social media username should be the same on all of these if it is possible. Have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Blog posts

You can have a look at travel blog writing examples when wanting to write the first blog posts. You should try and publish new articles 1-2 times a week. However, keep in mind that quality is what matters. The posts should be impactful.If you are not traveling at the moment, you can write about your travel plans like how you are saving cash to travel.

Network with bloggers

Check out other travel blogs like Voyageplantravel to get inspiration and ideas. You can leave comments on the articles. If you find it appropriate, link to other individuals’ blog posts from your site. You need to be patient when starting a travel blog. It is important to get traffic so that you can make money. Time is needed to build an audience and increase traffic. Start by trying to build your audience.


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