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UAE Visa For Indian Citizens

UAE Visa For Indian Citizens

Voyage trip tourism can provide you with a variety of visas. We'll go through all the requirements for extra visas for Indians in this visa lesson.

Dubai's tourist boom began in 2010 and showed no signs of reduction! Thus according to Global Media Research, this opulent resort attracted 15.8 million foreign tourists in 2018, and you may be the next.

When planning your vacation to Dubai, one of the most important things to remember is to obtain all of the appropriate travel papers, such as your visa. Fortunately for you, the Interior Ministry of the United Arab Emirates opened an online visa application for Indian citizens in 2015.

Voyage trip tourism can now manage this procedure for you by just filling out the application form online. You need to give basic personal information and papers, and your UAE visa will be issued in no time.

Determine the kind of UAE visa required by the Indians.

Voyage trip tourism can provide you with a variety of visas. We'll go through all the requirements for extra visas for Indians in this visa lesson. Nevertheless, for your comfort, each visa category is broken down below:

Transit visa duration

A transit visa seems to have 48 or 96 hours validity. Please remember that 48-hour accessibility cannot extend to 96 hours.

Transit visas are valid for 48 hours.

Passengers traveling through the UAE's airfields are granted 48-hour transit permits. A Visa must obtain in advance from a UAE-based airline. It is a one-time entrance visa that cannot be extended or renewed. The visa process lasts 48 hours from the time you enter the country.

To obtain a transit visa, you would need the following documents:

  • A passport or travel document with a validity period of no more than three months.
  • A self-portrait against a white backdrop, and also a ticket booking to a range of destinations from the one from those you are leaving.

Transit Visa for 96 Hours

The 96 Hours Visa is valid for four days. Obtain this visa if you are flying by connecting aircraft to another location; this visa is recommended for tourists who want to see the critical landmarks of Dubai and get a flavor of the magnificent city.

Dubai is a popular shopping destination, with excellent dining restaurants serving the world's most sumptuous cuisines and lovely sunny days to enjoy on the beach. People from Europe come to unwind on Dubai's sunny beaches. Because a 96-hour visa cannot extend, plan on staying for a maximum of 95.99 hours.

Tourist visa required for the United Arab Emirates

Individuals utilize the tourist permit to enter the Emirates. However, people from the GCC nations and many other visa-exempt countries will be granted a visa on arrival. On the other hand, Indian people must get a UAE tourist visa. This permit is valid for 30 days and can be used for single or many entries as needed. If you want to stay for more than 90 days, you can get a special long-term tourist permit.

Obtain a tourist visa to the UAE from India

The process of acquiring a visa in the UAE differs significantly from other nations. According to UAE tourist visa requirements, the UAE consulate in India can only grant visas to holders of diplomatic passports. For further details, contact us at.

The online application form for a visitor visa to the UAE is as continues to follow:

  • Decide on the technique you will choose and get the relevant documentation for your visa.
  • Complete the application forms accessible on airline websites or at travel bureaus. You may also go to their offices and have professionals do it for you.
  • The required documentation must subsequently be uploaded to the appropriate web portals.
  • Go ahead and pay the costs online.
  • Send in your application.

Visas that allow multiple entries

30 Day Multiple Entry Visa

Thirty-day business travelers who are more focused on work and cannot choose between taking a holiday or attending a business conference in Dubai require a Multiple Entry visa. It is also typical for cruise guests to enter and depart the UAE via a cruise line. To return to the port, they must obtain a multiple entry visa. More information may find at .

90-day multiple-entry visa

It is, without a doubt, the most common visa category amongst business travelers who visit Dubai regularly. Request a multiple entry visa if you need to frequently travel in a month or more and want to save the time loss involved with getting a visa each time. This visa allows you to enter and exit the country numerous times within the 90-day visa duration.

Freelance Visa for Two Years

It is a relatively new sort of Long-Term Residence Visa. With a freelancing visa, you can be your boss. You work for yourself or one or more employers. Operating on a tourist visa is illegal; thus, getting a freelancing visa is required to work in the UAE. It is a two-year visa with the option of renewing.

Anyone will be able to open a bank account, operate for any company, and enter and leave the country indefinitely. Apply for visas to India from the UAE to make travel easier. If you wish to learn more, please visit 

How to Obtain a Visa to the UAE

The method of acquiring a visa differs significantly from those of other nations. To address applying for a UAE visa, you must first realize that the UAE embassy does not grant them to ordinary passport holders. The applications require a sponsor, which is obtained through UAE-based airlines, travel agencies, or hotels.

These groups apply for a visa on your account to the UAE's official granting authorities. Because the offline approach is no longer available, you must apply for a UAE visa online. The method is as follows:

  • Select the mode of application that is most convenient for you.
  • Determine the sort of visa you require now.
  • After that, collect the essential documentation for your visa type.
  • Fill out the application form, accessible on the airline's website or through travel agents.
  • The required papers must then be uploaded to the appropriate web portals.
  • Go ahead and pay the visa fees immediately.
  • Send in your application.

Your visa is currently being processed. You will receive your UAE Visa by email after it has been accepted. Always supply accurate information as well as actual papers. If your application is incomplete, you may be denied a visa. It may prevent you from applying for a visa in the future.

Please keep in mind that if you are going to Dubai on one of their domestic airlines, you can contact us on . If a family member or friend sponsors you, they can register for you at a visa granting body in the UAE. Diplomat and unique passport holders must apply via Voyage Trip Tourism.


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