Lotus Mega Yacht New Year Night

Numerous attractions draw tourists to Dubai. Dubai's emerald-green waters are at the top of the list. People come from all over the world to experience the sea and the white-sand beaches, especially during the winter months.

There are an infinite number of ways to enjoy the sea. One of them is simply lazing on any of the beaches. The most luxurious option is to rent a Lotus Mega Yacht in Dubai. There are numerous reasons for this. The deep seas can only be reach by yacht. It allows you to see the stunning cityscape of Dubai from afar, providing a complete picture of everything.

Above all, it's about the charm and luxury of a Lotus Mega Yacht.

Lotus Mega Yacht Tour Overview

Explore Dubai's vibrant waters aboard the luxurious Lotus Mega Yacht! This promises highly appreciated celebrity-like moments as you dance to a live DJ, relax by the pool, enjoy free-flowing refreshments, and of course savor a variety of freshly prepared dishes served from a live cooking station. There is nothing quite like a Lotus Mega Yacht cruise along the glamorous Dubai Marina.

The moment you step aboard this elegant yacht with spacious decks and cool contemporary décor, you will be greeted by a cheerful and energetic crew. Once the yacht departs from Pier 7 (near Dubai Marina Mall), enjoy views of the stunning Dubai sights along the way. This allows you to take some stunning photos of iconic Dubai landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm Resort, JBR, and Ain Dubai at Bluewaters Island.

This 220-foot mega yacht has 11 bedrooms, a night club for 200 people, a 400 square foot cinema screen, a 500 square foot (temperature controlled) swimming pool, a private Jacuzzi, a hydraulic canopy deck, and multiple salons. Canapés / entrees, BBQ specialties, mixed seafood, sautéed seasonal vegetables, and desserts - primarily assorted pastries, fresh-cut fruits, and Umm Ali - will be served.

This mega yacht is ideal for any occasion, thanks to its numerous entertainment zones, the most well-known of which is New Year's Eve. Lotus Mega Yacht New Year's Eve is a fun, relaxing evening on the water with guaranteed spectacular views of iconic Dubai landmarks and an excellent view of the New Year's fireworks.

Furthermore, you can select a brunch or dinner cruise that is either food-only or includes both food and a bar.

What are the Lotus Mega Yacht inclusions?

  • Visit Blue Water, Palm Islands, Sky Dive, Marina, and Atlantis on a cruise.
  • Onboard food and beverages
  • Buffet International with Live Cooking Stations
  • Onboard Swimming Pool Multiple Entertainment Decks

    What are the Lotus Mega Yacht's incredible facilities?

    The Lotus Mega yacht has everything you and your guests will need to keep your guests entertained throughout the trip. The boat is a mini amusement park with various fun and leisure options. The yacht is the size of a three-story building, with five spacious decks. Each of these decks has a variety of attractions.

    A massive 500 sq ft 46,000-litre swimming pool with a waterfall and jets can be found on the middle deck. This is a great spot to relax and sunbathe. There are also six hot tubs with massage water jets. The pool is suitable for both children and adults.

    On the middle deck, there is also an air-conditioned lounge for dining and relaxing. This is the place to be if you prefer to spend your time indoors.

    The sun deck features a large open-air lounge that can seat up to 200 people at once. This area is shade by a well-designed shade roof, which provides shade when the sun is too hot. This space is ideal for hosting large buffets.

    Spend some time on the sundeck if you want to see the landmarks that pass by the boat. If you want to take a group photo, head to the sundeck.

    The modern widescreen cinema hall with a seating capacity of 70 also has a special category for adults. This is a great addition to the lower deck, especially for the kids. The lighting on the walls can be change to suit the occasion. A sophisticated sound system complements the luxurious interior and ambiance.

    The cabins are situate on the lower deck. There are 11 cabins in total for privacy and to take a nap when you get tired from all the fun.

    This boat's hosts are excellent; they are well dress and well-trained. They ensure that all guests are treated with respect.

    On the yacht, there is something for everyone. This luxury yacht is ideal for large groups. This luxurious boat will provide you with a better party experience than any other venue in Dubai. Look no further than Lotus to host your party if you want a fantastic celebration and a bunch of happy guests who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

    Tips for Having a Good Time on the Lotus Mega Yacht Tour

    • Walking on the yacht should be done barefoot. The majority of yachts require you to do so. However, even if you are allowed, wear soft-sole shoes. This is to avoid scuffing the boat's surface.
    • The yacht's dress code is mostly determined by the type of event. If you're going to a party, dress appropriately for the occasion. You can wear comfortable casual on regular cruises. It's a good idea to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
    • Before going on the yacht cruise, there will be a safety briefing. Pay close attention.
    • That's fantastic if you're bringing small children. The lotus mega yacht has plenty to keep the kids entertained. However, keep an eye on them. You shouldn't expect the crew to look after your children.
    The best time for a lotus mega yacht cruise in Dubai is during the winter months, which begin mid-October and last until March. However, if you want to cruise in the summer, go after sunset.

Tour Information

  • Departures: Dec 31
  • Availability: Seasonal
  • Duration: 6 Hours