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Dreamland Aqua Park, Features and Nearby Restaurants

Dreamland Aqua Park is the first and largest family-friendly aqua park where dreams come true. Further, Dreamland Aqua Park is a perfect spot for fun with its exciting features. Also, it is a spacious land covering over 250,000 square meters with its exciting and adventurous rides.

This water park gives a scenic view as it is situated on the coastline of Umm Al Quwain, one of the emirates out of seven. Locally, it is on Etihad Road (E11) near Barracuda Beach Resort. In addition to the perfectly placed location, it is a peaceful place entirely covered with palm trees at the boundaries of a park.

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Features of Dreamland Aqua Park

Are you excited to know what special features Dreamland Aqua Park has? This place is flooded with fun-gaining features. This amusement park is active the whole year so you can come at any time and any season. However, the park provides free parking with space for up to 2000 vehicles. Dreamland Aqua Park attends up to 5000 visitors on daily basis.

Water slides

Various kinds of water slides are a fun fact which includes multilane slides, turning point slides, Hara Kari slides, octagonal slides, and black holes. The Dreamland Aqua Park gives you a chance to experience all its thrilling water rides to sway in the air. Furthermore, there is a kiddie’s pool, a wave pool, and rain dancing with the music facility. Moreover, the park provides free availability of water tubes and life jackets to its visitors.

A mini zoo

A mini zoo provides a facility to connect kids to nature by having a glance at animals. In addition, All animals are domestic like monkeys, deer, camel, donkeys, and deer. They are kept in cages for safety purposes.

Camping zone

Dreamland Aqua Park attracts its visitors by providing an overnight camping zone. Furthermore, It has fully air-conditioned camps can be either wooden cabanas or tents. Dreamland Aqua Park has Sun loungers outside the cabanas for relaxation. There are portioned sections for toilets and showers and changing rooms to maintain your privacy.

 VIP lounge

If you want to have fun, then this is the perfect place. Families can have a cheerful time by having a live BBQ at the VIP lounge. Overall, the lounge is decorated with appreciable sitting arrangements. Butler is dedicated to the BBQ station to provide its service according to your tastes and needs. Adults and kids can enjoy eye-catching moments in this section of the park.

Spa and massage corner

Do you want a peaceful place to relax? The park has a spa and massage corner. Also, it has Jacuzzi tubs containing underground water. Consequently, this opportunity will boost your energy.

Food and brewages

Do you think you have to take food items from home? No there is no need. The Dreamland Aqua Park has a buffet with indoor dining restaurants with lavishing sitting arrangements. In addition, it provides Mediterranean and continental cuisine. In addition, A customized menu of seafood is available for all tastes to meet the needs of its customers.

Sports facilities in Dreamland Aqua Park

If you are a sports lover and want to spend some quality time with your favorite sport. Then, you will find it the best option. The park has an area specified for these activities. It has separate tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts. You can have a chance to play the sport of your own choice. Furthermore, it has a theatre that is used for musical concerts and shows.

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The security and safety system of Dreamland Aqua Park

 Do you want to know our security system? There are plenty of lockers where you can keep your accessories. The area has a proper system of CCTV cameras for the safety of your valuable stuff.

Do you want to know the safety features of water rides? Dreamland Aqua Park provides the best security to its visitors. All information regarding the depth and height of the pools is mentioned on information boards near water rides.

Furthermore, your kids will be under the observation of trainers all the time to guide amateur riders or non-swimmers. In addition, In case of any emergency, first-aid care rooms are situated near lockers.

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Free items available in Dreamland Aqua Park

Do you want to access free items in the park? Then, this section is for you. It provides free parking space for up to 2000 vehicles. Moreover, the Entrance fees and all life jackets and water tubes are free for kids. It also offers many packages and offers for first visitors.

Restaurants nearby Dreamland Aqua Park

Thunder Road Pizza & Grill, Barracuda

This restaurant is 0.6 miles away from the park. It has its specialty in Italian and European cuisines.

Karma Kafe Rak by Buddha – Bar

 It is 7.6 miles away from the park. Dreamland Aqua Park has a variety of food like Asian, Japanese, Thai, and Korean cuisines.

Tourist attractions nearby Dreamland Aqua Park

 UAQ National Museum

The museum is located within 6 miles of the park. The museum shows the weapons used in earlier times for wars. However, the weapon included tanks and swords of elephant teeth. It has old-time water well in its courtyard. Furthermore, it also shows ornaments made of stones used ages ago. These belongings are enclosed in glass cupboards.

Doubletree by Hilton Resort & Spa Island

This resort is located on Marjan Island Boulevard, and Ras Al Khaimah, in the United Arab Emirates. It is 7.7 miles from Dreamland Aqua Park. However, the resort has crystal clear water for swimming with plenty of sun lounges to bask in for relaxation.


Dreamland Aqua Park has accessibility to win the hearts of visitors by providing them with exciting features including water slides, food corners, massage tubs, a mini zoo, a theatre, and sports courts. In addition, there are many water games and activities to engage your kids. Besides these fun activities, this park is designed to consider the comfort of your family members. Consequently, it provides a VIP lounge with BBQ and a camping facility.

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