• 06 March 2023
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How to go to Jumeirah beach by metro

Do you want to know how to go to Jumeirah beach by metro? There is no tram line from emirate mall to the palm. Likewise, you only need to reach Dubai internet city by red line or metro. Now, reach Dubai knowledge village with the comfort of the bus (F56). In addition, stroll on the Dubai knowledge tram station and grab the line to palm Jumeirah 1. Instead of this, you can also hire a taxi.

Alternatively, get off at either the Jumeirah lakes tower or Dubai marina station. Now, take the Dubai tram to palm Jumeirah station. Thus, you can access your destination via the metro.

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Ways to go from Dubai to Jumeirah beach

It is important to know about the distance between Dubai and Jumeirah beach. Anyhow, it covers a distance of 24 kilometers. Do you want to know about the time to reach Jumeirah from Dubai? It depends on your conveyance. However, if you are choosing a metro bus station to reach Jumeirah, it only takes 1 hour and 31 minutes to drop. In addition, by choosing a taxi you will reach in 23 minutes from Dubai to Palm Jumeirah. Likewise, going through the metro is cheap but it takes some extra time.

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Similarly, going by taxi or driving is conveniently reliable and time-saving but not money-saving. Anyhow, you can choose your way according to your choice. Why it’s important to know how to go to Jumeirah beach by metro?  Because most people prefer the metro to reach their desired destination (palm Jumeirah beach).

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What is the best time to go to Jumeirah beach?

Jumeirah beach is a foreign locale. It promises a great time for you. Mainly, Dubai is considered a desert area with beaches. The weather gets lovely, fuggy, and sometimes intolerable. In the winter, when the breeze is colder then it’s worth visiting Dubai. However, when talking about the Jumeirah beach timing in the morning time is best. You may get sunstroke during the afternoon. Moreover, the evening time is the best and great time to visit Jumeirah beach or other beaches in Dubai. This time is best due to the fine weather, more crowds and a lot of fun!

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Frequently asked questions

How to go Jumeirah beach by metro or taxi?

Firstly, choose a metro to reach Dubai internet city. Secondly, reach Dubai knowledge village by catching a bus. Now, you are too close to palm Jumeirah beach. Now, walk through Dubai knowledge tram station to reach palm Jumeirah. In addition, hiring a taxi to reach palm Jumeirah is convenient. It saves you time but it’s a little bit expensive. So, it's also reliable to choose the metro to reach palm Jumeirah beach.

What is the estimated time to reach palm Jumeirah from Dubai?

It approximately takes 1 hour and 31 minutes to hit palm Jumeirah. Anyhow, if you are choosing personal drive then you may get it instantly.

How much distance do I need to cover from Dubai to Palm Jumeirah?

You need to cover 24 km from the city center of Dubai. In addition, it is directly connected with various means of transport to the city. Anyhow, it takes almost one hour to reach palm Jumeirah beach from Dubai international airport.

Which metro station is close to palm Jumeirah?

World trade center metro station is the closest one to Palm Jumeirah Dubai.

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