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Al Wathba Salt Lake, Fcats and Amazing Actiovities

A newly discovered Al Wathba Salt Lake in the UAE has become a social media sensation. This beautiful stretch of emerald green waters, also known as the "Al Wathba Long Salt Lake," is located in Abu Dhabi's desert area and has drawn crowds for photos and barbecues. Want to plan your next road trip to this recently discovered national treasure? Continue reading to learn more about this mysterious lake!

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The Mystery behind the Long Salt Lake

Al Wathba is a man-made island. Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi is one of the world's most Instagrammable and unique locations. It gets its water from pipes buried beneath the ground. The dry climate along this region's coast has resulted in the formation of large salt plains known as sabkha, which provide the salt. There is still some uncertainty about how the wondrously unusual salt mushrooms grew in the channel that was built by humans.

The natural formation of the enormous salt pads that serve as an attractive stepping-stone feature within the lake typically takes several years. Water that has been artificially fed cuts its way through previously existing salt and mineral deposits beneath the surface sand, resulting in the formation of these stunning crystalline salt pads.

In the immediate vicinity, there are not one, but two lakes. With crystallized salt bordering the lakes, this latest attraction is worth the hype or at least something we're not used to seeing in the Middle East!

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Location & Directions to Drive Down

The body of water is located in the satellite city of Al Wathba, along the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Highway. The lake is located near the popular Fossil Dunes in Al Bihouth, close to Al Wathba South. The E30 or E65 routes are the most direct routes to the location. While E65 is the closest road to the area, the best route is to exit E30 just after the Al Wathba Wildlife Reserve. If you're taking a cab or driving down, make sure to use Google Maps to get there on time.

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Activities at the Al Wathba Salt Lake

Overnight Camping

Many Abu Dhabi families come here to camp for the night. It's an idyllic spot for getting close to nature, grilling out, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

This is an excellent location for watching the sunrise in the morning and set in the evening.

Capture Memorable Moments

This is one of the best spots in Abu Dhabi for some Instagram-worthy photos. You can capture photographs of the aquamarine water and white lily pad salty structures that will make you happy every time you see them in the future. It's also a great spot for selfies! Due to the high salt content, swimming is not possible in these water-filled trenches. To beat the heat, you can only float. Exactly like at the Dead Sea!

A Visit to the Fossil Dunes

If you want to stay or spend the entire day on the lagoon side, you can take a short drive to the nearby landmark, the Fossil Dunes. The Dunes are another natural wonder, but they must be admired from afar and not touched. This can permanently harm the nature-forged dune.

According to geologists, these dunes formed more than four million years ago. They appear to be formidable, standing tall against the raging winds and the sand bed. The dunes are formed by the action of fast-moving winds on hardened sand caused by moisture in the ground causing the calcium carbonate in the sand to solidify.


Pack your picnic baskets and take your kids to Al Wathba Salt Lake for a nature retreat. The entire day will be spent meaningfully with adults lazing around while the kids have the time of their lives running, walking, or hopping up and down the brackish formations.

Visit the Al Wathba Reserve

The trenches are very close to Abu Dhabi's first wetland, which is a protected area. It is a man-made reserve and the best place to appreciate the area's natural fauna and flora. The Reserve, which was established in 1998, is home to approximately 37 plant varieties, 250 bird species, and numerous marine species. Between September and April, you can see migratory flamingos.

Take a Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi's desert region, which is close to the man-made trenches, is ideal for an exciting desert safari. Booking with a professional desert safari provider will make sure that your trip is as enjoyable as possible.

Bird Watching

The lake attracts a plethora of desert bird species daily. As you relax by the lake, take in the scenery.

Best time to visit Al Wathba Salt Lake

It is open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but the best time to visit Salt Lake Abu Dhabi is during the winter season to enjoy the surroundings in pleasant and pleasant weather.

If you won't be able to go during the winter, it's best to go early in the morning to enjoy the morning breeze and avoid the heat.

Final takeaway

The best place to visit in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, is Al Wathba Salt Lake. Visitors can go with their families and friends to take beautiful photos and enjoy the Lake. In the evening, you can see a beautiful sunset, which adds to the beauty of Salt Lake.

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Al Wathba Salt Lake FAQs

What are the rules that must be strictly followed at the Lake?

The rules are straightforward: no littering in the area. If you are camping in the area overnight, you must not leave any trash behind. Do not break any of the salt chunks because they are intended to be preserved for tourists.

Can I drive my sedan to long salt lake?

We recommend taking a four-wheel drive vehicle because the trip includes some off-roading.

What are the places of natural beauty worth visiting in Abu Dhabi? 

You can visit the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve or the Fossil Dunes. Visit the Mangrove National Park, Saadiyat Beach, Yas Gateway Park, Khalifa Park, Yas Marina, Dalma Island, and other attractions.

Are there one or two lakes in this region?

There are two man-made bodies of water in this area, one on each side of the main road. The channel on the left is much shorter than the one on the right.

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