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Dubai visit visa new rules 2023

The UAE government has issued Dubai visit visa new rules 2023. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) has implemented some of the UAE's most significant residence and entry permit reforms. The new system has resulted in significant changes to the UAE's visit visa system, as well as new UAE visa regulations.

The UAE has now added approximately ten new types of entry visas and residence permits. As well as it is expanded the Golden Visa categories. The new entry and residence system has already gone into effect to attract and retain global talents and skilled workers from all over the world. And the main reason is to boost the competitiveness and flexibility of the job market and foster a high sense of stability among UAE residents and families.

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New UAE visit visa extension rule

All UAE immigration offices have stopped extending visitor visas without requiring visitors to leave the country. Visitors must instead leave the country, seek an extension and then re-enter. Airport-to-airport transfers are one option for extending your visa in the UAE. To use this service, book a flight to the nearest Middle Eastern country, such as Oman and then wait a few hours at the airport while your visa extension application is processed. After the visa extension approve you enter the visa and book a flight back to the UAE.

New visit visa Stamping Rule 2023

The UAE government has stopped stamping resident visas on passports in favor of issuing Emirates ID cards. As a result, gathering passports before stamping them is no longer necessary. So, UAE nationals can now submit a single application for their Emirates ID and residency visa. Because of Dubai visit visa new rules 2023, the application process will be simplified and know it will take less time.

UAE visit visa overstay new rules 2023

According to the most recent announcement, foreign nationals who stay in the UAE after their visa expire are not allow to leave the country without first obtaining an out pass or leave permit. The Dubai/UAE outpass is available at airports and immigration offices at land borders. The out pass or leave permit can also obtain from the Al Awir Immigration office. Overstayers must also pay the overstay fines. Holders of UAE visit visas will have a grace period of 10 days from the visa expiry date. Visitors who are unable to leave the country due to airport closures or flight cancellations will not be fine for overstaying.

New UAE Golden Visa Rules

The UAE recently expanded the Golden Visa categories and made significant changes to the Golden Residence Scheme to simplify the qualifying requirements. The validity period for all Golden Visa categories extend to ten years. The Golden Visa is now valid for ten years and allows the holder to live and work for ten years. Investors, business owners, exceptional talent, scientists, outstanding students and recent graduates, and skilled workers will all be eligible for the 10-year Golden residency.

According to the Dubai visit visa new rules 2023, Golden Residence owners may sponsor any member of their family, including wives and children, regardless of age. Foreign nationals now have six months to leave the country or change their status and obtain a new residence visa. Fines are not applicable during the grace period. Golden Residence owners, regardless of age, can now sponsor any member of their family, including wives and children. The grace period for ex-pats following the expiration or revocation of a resident visa has been increase from 30 days to 6 months.

UAE Golden Visa for Scientists

Scientists and researchers will now be eligible for the Golden Visa if they meet the following criteria:

A Ph.D. or Master's degree in technology, engineering, life sciences, or natural sciences from one of the world's top universities must be recommended by the Emirates Scientists Council.

UAE Golden Visa for Skilled Professionals

The Golden Visa program accepts skilled workers as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • They have a bachelor's degree and are working in the UAE under a valid contract.
  • According to the Ministry of Human Resources Emiratisation, their job position falls under occupational level one or two.
  • Trained professionals are entitling to a six-month grace period. If they are classified as first or second occupational level by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

UAE Golden Visa for Exceptionally Talented Individuals

Talented individuals in sports, art, culture, digital technology, innovation, law, medicine, and other professions are eligible to apply for the Golden Visa program as highly talented individuals. Furthermore, the 10-year Visa will be granted solely based on the applicant's talent. It is unaffected by your level of education, employment situation, monthly income, or professional standing. However, the advice or consent of a federal or local government body will be requiring.

UAE Golden Visa for Doctors and Nurses

The Dubai visit visa new rules 2023 has granted doctors and nurses long-term residency in "honor of their efforts and sacrifices" as the first line of defense. Nurses and medical personnel, the unsung heroes of the UAE's COVID-19 battle, recently qualified for the prestigious Golden Visa. Seven centers connected to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship have been set up around the Emirates for medical professionals who prefer to submit their visa applications in person.

UAE Golden Visa for Cultural Workers

The Cultural Golden Visa category accepts applications for long-term visas from creative professionals 25 and older, such as singers, artists, dancers, performers, musicians, curators and others. This is true regardless of their level of expertise, employment situation, a monthly wage, or educational background.

UAE Green Residence 2023

As part of some significant enhancements to the UAE Green Visa, new 5-year residency tracks were added. The main goal is to attract talents, skilled professionals, freelancers, investors and entrepreneurs. Along with streamlining and simplifying the requirements for all types of residence. Additional benefits are being offered, such as extended flexible grace periods of up to 6 months for individuals to remain in the country after their residence permit is revoked or expires to facilitate family members' residence.

2023 UAE Entry Visa Requirements

For the first time, the UAE has made ten different types of entry visas like UAE Entry-level Job Exploration Visa, Business Entry Visa, Multiple Entry Tourist Visa, Family Visa, Entry Permit To Visit Family Or Relatives, Entry Permit For Temporary Work Mission, Residence Permit For Humanitarian Cases are available for visitors to the country who are there for a variety of reasons and do not require a host or sponsor.

Entry requirements for all types of visas can be simplified, and flexible visa durations that take into account both the visitors' needs and the purpose of their trip are two significant improvements. All entrance visas now have a validity period of 60 days from the date of issuance. And they can use for single or multiple entries. They can extend for the same amount of time.

New UAE 5-Year Multiple Entry Visa

After receiving the visa, you can enter the UAE on your own many times. When you enter the country, your visa allows you to stay for 90 days. If your visa expires and you want to stay for another 90 days, you can renew it. It is the best visa for people who have a loved one in the UAE. This is because you will have enough time to spend with them. When applying for this 5-year visa with multiple entries, the following documents require:

  • A six-month bank statement with a balance of $4,000 or the equivalent in other currencies.
  • Proof of UAE health insurance
  • a photocopy of the applicant's flight ticket, and
  • A letter of invitation from friends or family members who live in the UAE, which serves as proof of residency.

Resumption of UAE 60-Day Visa

The ICP resumed the 60-day travel visa on October 3rd, 2022, following the implementation of the new Dubai visit visa new rules 2023. Tourists allow staying in the UAE for a maximum of two months.

New entry permits to visit family or friends

You can apply for an entry permit to visit a friend or family member who is a UAE citizen. There will be no need for you to use a travel agency, sponsor, host, or other intermediaries to obtain permission.

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