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Dubai visa for green card holders

If you are a passport holder of USA, UK, Andorra, Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ukraine, Mauritius, Monaco, Republic of Ireland, San Marino, Vatican City, and japan then no advance visit visa requirements are essential. Furthermore, you only need to leave your flight at Dubai International and move on to immigration. Consequently, you will get a 30-day visit visa free of charge.

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Three months visit visa eligibility

Mexican passport holders are eligible for 180 days to visit visas. Further, the validity of this visa is for six months from the issuance date. But you can only stay for 180 days total.

Dubai immigration process

After getting a Dubai visa for green card holders you need to go through some processes. Immigration authorities are now organizing random eye screening for visitors. It is just because of additional security. A hard copy of the visitor’s visa is required for eye screening. Moreover, you can also present a printed version of the visa number confirmation page.

So it’s necessary to keep a copy of your visa with you. If you will not provide copy then a payable fine will be charged. Moreover, check your visa requirements according to your country before visiting UAE. Firstly make sure a valid passport and visa. Nonstandard passport holders possess contrasting requirements. Moreover, travel documents also possess different entry conditions. That’s why it is essential to make sure of your eligibility.

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Basic required documents

  1. Colored pictures of candidates.
  2. Color print of candidate’s passport The passport should be valid for a minimum of three months.
  3. An application form. The language of this form depends on the candidate's nationality. Furthermore, It will be in Arabic or English.
  4. A copy of the Emirates ticket.

Before applying for a visa please also learn about the requirements.                    

Emirates visa for us green card holders

Visitors containing green cards are eligible for an emirates visa or E-visa. E-visa for entry into the emirates includes Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, the rovers who are eligible for this visa contains a validity of six months on their passports. Moreover, this duration starts from the date of their arrival.

Travelers passing through the emirate's airport can stay for 90 days on a visit visa. Moreover, it is essential to apply for a visit visa before staying. Therefore, they will be allowed to explore the beauty of the emirates. This visa is only valuable for those who already have family or friends in the emirates. Moreover, it is also extremely beneficial for those who want to explore the tourist destination. Dubai visa for green card holders is also a golden opportunity for Indians.

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Types of Dubai visa

There are different types of ranges for UAE visas. It is categorized into tourists, Visit, Employment, Residence, freelancer, and many others. Furthermore, some of them follow online procedures. Accordingly, long terms visas are issued from an embassy. Dubai visa for green card holders is an opportunity to stay for six months in Dubai.

There is another type of visa is a “Visa On Arrival”. This visa is valid for specific countries across the world. Further people can get this visa after their arrival. So, in this category, there is no need for a pre-arranged visa.  After arrival at the emirate's airport, they will get visas.

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Dubai visa for green card holders allows travelers to stay in the emirates. Moreover, visa-on-arrival facility is only available for some countries. UAE also has introduced new visa policies. Accordingly, you should read all of the policies carefully. Then check your criteria for eligibility for a UAE visa.

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