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Dubai visa for Indonesian citizens

A Dubai visa for Indonesian is the basic requirement to enter in UAE. Visa processing is the first and biggest concern about travel planning. Most countries require a valid visa to enter UAE destinations. If someone is planning to come to UAE then some question arises. For example, what type of visa is needed? What will be the procedure? May I need to apply online for a Dubai visa? Moreover, there is also the same question arises in my mind. I will advise you to check your nationality first and then look forward to the required documents.

Thus you can become familiar with all information regarding Dubai visas for Indonesian. Firstly you need to check the eligibility for a visa before entering the country. You should also check the nationality of countries under the visa exemption list. The visa-exempt list for Dubai visas contains almost 33 nations and all the GCC countries.  So if you are thinking do Indonesians need a visa to enter Dubai? Yes, Indonesians need a Dubai visa to travel.

Further, this is because Indonesia is not included in the exempt list.  That’s why you need a visa to travel to Dubai. Likewise, if you don’t have a visa then you can’t travel to UAE. Here’s important information for Indonesian citizens to get a UAE or Dubai visa.  Let’s read below.

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Identify the type of Dubai visa for Indonesian citizen

Firstly, the applicant should understand the nature of their visa. This thing depends on the purpose and the duration of the visa. For example, make sure your purpose to visit in Dubai like business, tourist, job, or whatever. If you want tourism in Dubai then you need a Dubai tourist visa to enter the capital of UAE.

For business purposes, a visit visa is required. There are different categories present regarding this. So visitors can easily select their visa according to their stay time and suitability. Now you are thinking how you would know about the stay time of different visas. Then don’t worry I'm explaining it to you. Short-term visit single-entry services include 14 days, 48 hours, and 96 hours. Short-term visit single entry tourist visa includes 90 days Visit Visa. Also, Multi-Entry Short Term Visa for 30 Days, and Multi-Entry Long Term Visa for 90 Days.

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Required documents for Dubai visa for Indonesian

After choosing a suitable visa for you, you need to know about the documents for a Dubai visa for Indonesian.

The required documents are discussed below:

  • A computerized passport with 6 months validity before arrival in Dubai.
  • Color photographs with white background of size 35 mm x 45 mm
  • Proof of bank statements that can recognize sufficient funds to afford trip expenses.
  • Provide your returned tickets if you already visited.
  • You also need to provide additional details depending on the nature of the travel.
  • For personal visit: the host guarantee letter, passport copies, and relation proof is needed.
  • For business purposes: a host company invitation letter with a passport copy is needed.

UAE online Dubai visa for Indonesian citizens

It's a quick and convenient process to apply for a Dubai visa online. Likewise, make sure you are providing accurate documents and all the necessary details. Also, you need to complete 8 steps to get your online visa for Dubai.

 Firstly, accumulate all the essential documents. Further, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months. Now you can use UAE official site to apply for a tourist visa online. Fill out the application form carefully and provide all the required information and documents. After this, pay with your credit card or debit card to get an e-visa. Moreover, you will get an email after approval of your visa application. Then print this copy of the email and also check if they have sent you any other document.

 After your arrival present a copy of your email along Indonesian passport. Thus you will receive a UAE visa to stay depending on the selected duration.

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Indonesian citizens can get their Dubai visa in simple steps. You people only need to provide all the required documents.

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