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How to check to overstay fine in UAE

Has your UAE visa expired? And want to know how to check to overstay fine in UAE? Keep reading I will tell you about everything regarding your overstay fine. Firstly, you need to know when you need to pay an overstay fine. When your visa is expired and even your grace period is over then you must pay an overstay fine as per the number of days accrued.

Likewise, the same rule applies to visa cancellation. You will get a grace period of six months from the UAE government until you leave the emirate or apply for a new visa. However, it not only requires paying an overstay fine but also an outpass. Now, you are thinking what is an outpass? It is an essential exit permit that allows visa holders to leave the country. Moreover, you may need to pay some amount to get your exit permit. It was a little bit introduction about an overstay fine. Now, I will tell you how to check to overstay fines in UAE

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What are the documents to check the overstay fine in UAE?

For checking you’re overstaying fine you must possess the following documents:

A copy of your residence visa or a file consisting of information about visa file number, DOB, and others. You need to fill in the details carefully and provide all the documents that are required from the website.

How to check to overstay fines or fees in UAE        

Firstly, go to the official site of GDRFA

  • From the drop menu, select the file type. Usually, you can choose either a resident or a permit.
  • Provide all the required details carefully and make sure you are filling correct details.
  • Now, complete the captcha verification by solving a simple math equation.
  • Then you will see a submit button, click on this to check the overstay fine in UAE.

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Essential details to check fine for UAE residents

  • Provide your file number in the appearing box.
  • In addition, you can get your file number from the UAE residence visa page of your passport.
  • Provide your exact date of birth.
  • Solve the captcha

Essential details to check fine for visitors

  • Select the option with citizen or certain countries
  • Then fill in the following details
  • Passport number
  • Passport type
  • Current nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Solve captcha

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Pay overstay fines online in UAE

Do you want to pay to overstay fines online? From the drop-down menu of the site, select your relationship with the sponsor. After clicking on the next page, you can also choose none. Now, you need to verify an OTP by providing a mobile number. Then provide accurate bank card details and submit the request.


No need to worry about how to check to overstay fine in UAE. You only need to follow certain steps. Also, must submit the required documents. Thus, you can conveniently check you stay fine in UAE. Anyhow, you can either visit immigration or pay it online. Moreover, after paying the fine you must generate an exit permit to leave the country.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I pay the overstay fine in the emirate?

Most of the overstay visitors are worried about how to check to overstay fine in UAE or where they can pay fines. Anyhow, you can proceed with immigration offices or you can pay it online. Moreover, you can also pay at the airport for departure. It's essential to pay a fine for overstaying as you can't leave the country without paying the fine.

May I remove the overstay fine in UAE?

Usually, you can’t do this but you try by submitting a request to the immigration office. According to the rules of UAE, no one can leave the country before paying the fines for overstay.

May I send you to jail for overstaying in UAE?

Overstaying in UAE is not a criminal activity but a violation of the UAE. But still, you need to avoid it. After the expiration of your visa, you will get an extension. The overstay fine starts after completing this extension. Anyhow, during this extension, you can easily leave the country or renew the visa. but after this grace period, one must pay the fine.

May I leave the country without depositing an overstay fine?

No, you will not get clearance from immigration before paying the fine. So it’s essential to pay an overstay fine in UAE. If you will not pay then you will not be allowed to leave the country.

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